Blood stained Nazi Stars and Stripes

Telling a condemned man that everything will be fine as you push the plunger on the lethal injection is not a kindness. The most dangerous people in the world are self declared optimists. Optimism is a pathological condition. People who say things like “look on the bright side” or “stop being so pessimistic” should be stripped, covered in pigs blood and hunted by hungry wolves. Optimism is teleological and it is therefore a fundamentally inhumane emotion. It will not help you survive, it will not make you a nicer person or more fun to be around. Optimists are, at bottom, miserable human failures. The modern western world, with it’s addiction to sentimentality and progress is the most dishonest and basest form of civilization mankind has ever inflicted on itself. The best thing that can happen, the most “optimistic” thing, would be for the oil to run out, and the faster the better.